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Performing in the deep end for Emergency Lighting

Date added 18.11.21

Emergency lighting in public swimming facilities poses certain challenges. High lighting output requirements coupled with a corrosive environment can push even the most robust products to the edge of their performance. Here, Jason Churchill, of lighting solutions provider, Lightcraft Technologies Ltd tells us more about these challenges at one of their latest projects, and why he turned to Prime Light for a successful solution.

“The development of Grange Paddocks Leisure Centre in Bishop’s Stortford represents a £22m investment by the local authority into modern facilities for the local community. M & E Contractor, Imtech Engineering Services, were delivering the build that includes a 25m eight-lane competition main pool, teaching pool and water confidence pool. Whilst they were working with another provider on lighting in the overall facility, they were struggling to meet the exacting emergency lighting requirements for the wet leisure area and so they approached us to find a solution.

“Emergency light levels for a swimming pool facility are significantly higher than for other public areas, given the risk of people being in the water during a power outage. You’re looking at a minimum of a five-lux output requirement across the entire area, compared to lower lux outputs required in other areas. The other real challenge is the environment. A mix of heat, water and chemicals work together to create a highly corrosive situation, so we knew we needed some robust and high-performing emergency luminaires to do the job. The challenge was finding the right products.

“Whilst we knew what we wanted; we were keen to tap into specialist emergency lighting expertise to gain reassurance around the technical specification and performance in this specific environment. Whilst the product clearly works on paper, we needed to know that it would work in that room when it’s being attacked by chlorine. We could have approached several suppliers, but we knew the specification of Prime Light’s products and coupled with emergency lighting specialist, Ben Williams’ knowledge, it made them the best choice for the job.” Ben takes up the story:

“Given the diversity of Prime Light’s product range and our connections with manufacturers, lighting solutions providers often approach us to explore product options when they have a challenging brief. For Grange Paddock Leisure Centre we recommended the IP65 twin spot. Not only is this product fully waterproof and suitable for swimming pool environments, but it has a high lumen output of up to 1200lm and it has a longer lifetime given the LiFePO4 battery technology that provides up to 2000 charge-cycles, as well as providing constant power through discharge. All essential for this challenging and potentially dangerous environment.”

Following the product recommendation, Lightcraft were able to put forward an effective lighting design along with product samples that met all safety standards and the client’s approval. As a result, they were further awarded the contract to deliver emergency signage elsewhere in the facility, as Jason adds: “Having resolved the swimming pool issue for Imtech we were then asked to provide the rest of the emergency lighting for the project. For emergency signage we turned to the ONTEC range from Prime Light. The versatility of this product makes life so much easier on-site as the adaption kit provides you with immediate options. It’s a one-stop-shop for emergency signage, with an added benefit of being attractive and a great price.

“We were really happy with the outcome on this project and with the follow-up service too. Prime Light’s aftercare has been second-to-non.”

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