Lighting Controls

With the world becoming increasingly connected, wireless lighting controls are the natural evolution of traditional wired control systems. Is your building ready for the future?

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Our Mission

Prime Controls are experts in smart lighting control systems. Our product knowledge, technical support and project management are second to none, and our customers are central to everything we do.

We guarantee a seamless experience from choosing your smart building solutions to suit your company goals to ensuring the right commissioning of the system. Whether your goal is to reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions or save your company millions of pounds, we are here to support your company’s missions and goals and help you to get the best out of your existing infrastructure with truly little disruption.

Smart Lighting Control Systems

The easiest way to add additional savings on any LED project is with smart lighting control systems. This enables the lights to react to the environment, such as dimming then turning off when no one is present and adjusting output dependent on natural daylight levels in the environment.

Smart lighting control systems make this process simple, and they require no additional wiring, head-end controls, or complicated wiring schematics. With a full suite of products that can be integral or external to the luminaire, battery or mains powered, we can tailor each project to maximize savings whilst reducing installation and commissioning issues. At Prime Controls, we aim to always design the best solution for the individual requirements of each job.

Wireless lighting systems also eliminate the need to think about your control philosophy until the day of commissioning, which reduces the red tape during the project planning stage. With the ability to make adjustments yourself, even if you aren’t happy with initial settings, they can be continually updated based on your requirement, even remotely, off-site.

Smart Building Lighting Controls

As the world becomes more and more connected, wireless lighting and smart building controls are the natural evolution of both lighting and building control systems by offering further functionality whilst removing the need for specialist installation and commissioning engineers. Our smart building solutions also offer quicker install times and full flexibility on how the system operates moving forwards by making recommissioning extremely simple from a tablet or handheld device.

These systems can all be intelligently integrated with the Prime Control platform, enabling sharing of data, and streamlining of services, creating a truly intelligent building where all services can become more efficient by working together, such as adjusting HVAC based on occupancy data supplied by the lighting.

Smart Platform

Introducing our web-based smart platform that shows all data from the site, including emergency status, standard luminaire status, energy use, and smart building integration. The platform enables the collection of data from multiple sources, such as lighting control, building control, and environmental monitoring sensors.

As well as collection, our smart platform also presents that data and allows it to be referenced against each other and messages sent back to those systems to adjust based on pre-set rules. What’s more, customers can look to adjust lighting parameters such as dim levels and PIR timeouts, set scheduled events, and set emergency testing times, as well as setting alerts on failures /changes in parameters outside of the pre-set levels.

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