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Our Prime Driver ranges are assessed and approved by the LIA using their LIASC product conformity scheme. This scheme has been developed by the LIA Laboratory as a basis for the conformity assessment of luminaires, lampholders, control gears, and LED modules. According to the exact product(s) being assessed, it should be used according to BS EN 60598-1 and relevant part 2; BS EN 61347-1.
This scheme covers control gears that fall under the scope of BS EN 61347 -1 and relevant part 2, for use on d.c. supplies up to 250V and/or a.c. supplies up to 1000V at 50 Hz or 60Hz. The requirements and related tests of this scheme include classification, markings, mechanical construction, electrical construction, and type testing.

We also ensure our products meet the conditions of UKCA and CE-associated regulations, giving the consumer confidence in our product.
As part of our commitment to providing the widest possible product range, we also have our DALI, DALI-2, and D4i products certified by the DALI-alliance (DiiA) ensuring our product meets the requirements of IEC 62386.

Intelligent Drivers

LED lighting can be controlled in many ways, usually with DALI or a simple switch. Our DALI-2 and DALI product offering is designed for energy-efficient, long-lasting, and high-quality professional dimming applications that can be controlled by any DALI network providing a vast array of benefits of dimmable LED lighting to end-users. This portfolio has controllable drivers from 12W to 250W with various output currents and protection options.

As a global leader in driver technology, Prime Drivers not only offers a wide range of DALI-2 products, but also includes:
    •    D4i – coming soon
    •    DT8
    •    1-10v
    •    Wireless Control – Coming soon…

With the latest technology being available to us we will bring the best solution available to our customers. 
At Prime Drivers, we are intelligently connected.

Services / Downloads

To provide our customers with the best service, we strive to make the process of working with us as convenient and easy as possible. We offer various programming methods for setting our drivers and these are as simple as a dip-switch configuration or as future-proof as NFC configuration which is now commonly adopted across the driver market. No additional wiring is necessary to set or program our drivers saving you time in the production process.

With the procedure of selecting a driver for your application sometimes being a time-consuming process and one that involves referring to a lot of driver technical data/content, we created a service that enables faster selection based on your requirements. PrimeQuery is a tool developed for consumers to simplify the driver selection process. Simply type in your requirements and a recommended driver list is created giving you the most suitable options available for your enquiry.  
At Prime Drivers, we are at your service.

Our Mission

Our mission at Prime Drivers is to provide our customers with high-performance control gear and LED drivers. These are essential for any quality luminaire. Prime Drivers' partnership with world-renowned manufacturers allows us to offer an extensive range of LED driver products to suit any application, often available for next-day delivery. 

Prime Drivers encapsulates a range of world-leading driver manufacturers offering high-quality, independently tested products and pre-approved LED drivers for all internal and external applications.

Prime Light has become a member of the DiiA as part of our commitment to bringing the best DALI products to the market. Not only will you find our products on their website, but we will also keep up to date with the latest DALI specifications. This will ensure our products meet the highest standards. 
At Prime Drivers, we are driven by quality.

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