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Date added 10.01.22


2030 is a line in the sand for UK e-mobility. The government’s proposed ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars come into force and it’s predicted that to achieve the targeted reduction of CO2 emissions, around 46% of the UK’s 35 million cars will need to be zero-emission vehicles. Add to this Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s pledge to make the capital carbon neutral by 2030, forcing bus and train operators to switch to electric, it’s clear that vehicle manufacturers of all types are under pressure to up-production. A drive for efficiency is leading producers to seek out new tech for even the smallest of components. Paul McDermott-Roe of Prime Light tells us more about the innovation in cable gland technology that is cutting EV production time.  

“The electric vehicle (EV) market is buzzing right now with figures just released suggesting that 6.5% of all vehicle sales were electric in 2020, up from 1.5% the year before. We’re in talks with manufacturers of domestic, commercial, and industrial vehicles who are all eagerly seeking ways to improve efficiency in production, whilst not compromising on performance. One of the ways of achieving this is through innovation in the electromagnetic contamination (EMC) cable gland.  

“Increased electromagnetic radiation in the environment and ever greater sensitivity of modern electronic components has resulted in a requirement for improved performance for EMC cable glands over the last few years. And these glands are a vital component of any electric vehicle’s drive train solution, where there are multiple connections, as they prevent high frequency interference entering an enclosure by quickly discharging it to earth. Failure to do this effectively will ultimately impact the vehicle’s reliability, resulting in a communications malfunction that impedes the car performance or forces it to break down.  

“Whilst single and double conical EMC cable glands have been around sometime, the next generation of spring bonded EMC cable glands from industry leaders, PFLITSCH are without question leading the way in terms of performance and ease of assembly.  

“The AE Blueglobe TRI HTS features a patented TRI spring. Its geometry ensures durable, low-resistance 360° contact with the shield over a large area. With attenuation of more than 80 dB at 100 MHz, this EMC cable gland guarantees the highest level of signal reliability for industrial data technology. Designed to work in harsh environments, The high temperature sealing insert covers a temperature range from -55 up to +180°C and has been successfully tested on an aluminium housing according to corrosion standard VDA 233-102.  

“From an assembly perspective, the Blueglobe TRI is also streets ahead. Unlike traditional EMC cable glands that can be tricky and time consuming to assemble in mass production, the Blueglobe TRI is in one part. With this EMC version, the cable sheathing only needs to be stripped at the contact point and once the braiding has been stripped, the cable can be easily pushed through the gland where the triangular spring immediately secures itself around the braiding, ensuring EMC protection even before the pressure screw is tightened. The design of the TRI spring also prevents it from becoming caught in the braiding during assembly or disassembly, saving valuable time on the production line.  

“Other features that make this innovative EMC cable gland so popular with many of our clients include it’s large sealing range, high IP68 and IP69 protection, functionality in both extreme cold and heat, good strain relief, higher current-carrying capacity and suitability for Category 7a application. It really is one of the best products we’ve seen on the market for some time.” 

With expected annual growth in the electric vehicle market of around 29% per year over the next ten years, manufacturers are focusing on marginal gains to maximise efficiency in EV production. The Blueglobe TRI’s ease of assembly and proven reliability is certainly a solution to consider.    

If you would like more information on PFLITSCH’s Blueglobe TRI or any other cable gland products, please contact Paul McDermott-Roe on  020 8968 2000 or email  

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