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Ontec C, M1, Dali, White


Ontec C C1U Corridor Standard Black


Ontec C C1U Corridor Standard Grey


Ontec C C1U Corridor Standard White


Ontec C M1U Open Area Standard Black


Ontec C M1U Open Area Standard Grey


Ontec C C1U Open Area Standard White


Ontec C M1 Open Area Standard White


Ontec C M1 Open Area Standard Black


Ontec M1 Open Area Standard Grey


Ontec C C1, Dali, White


Ontec C C1 Corridor Standard Black


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Over the last 30 years we have grown and strengthened our expertise in several key sectors. Take a look below to see how we deliver effective lighting component solutions for these industries.

Lighting OEM

A trusted partner to lighting OEM companies both in the UK and overseas.

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Appliance OEM

Providing services and products to some of the UK’s leading catering equipment and appliance manufacturers.

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Transport OEM

With an increasing presence and strong partnerships in the transport sector, our specialist team are here to help.

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Hygiene OEM

The reliability and outstanding functionality of our product range makes us a trusted partner in the Hygiene sector.

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Building management

Stay in control of your building management with our specialist control, wiring, and emergency-compliant solutions.

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Solution providers

When bespoke is best, we provide specialist consultation to find lighting component solutions that meet your requirements.

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