Appliance OEM

Since the acquisition of CIA Sales LLP in 2008, Prime Light has been providing the highest quality service and products to some of the UK’s leading catering equipment and appliance manufacturers. We also offer specialist products for related industries such as hospitality and food production. Some of the world’s leading manufacturers have invested in components from us, therefore giving you the confidence to trust in the product, price and service provided.  

Our product range includes: 

  • BJB lighting solutions for both hot (ovens) and cold (refrigeration) applications 

  • Electro Terminal connection technology products including the KADO range 

  • Rotary switches 

  • Mechanical timers 

  • Rocker switches 

  • Indicator lamps 

  • Power cords 

Please see our product sections below or contact us for further information. 

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Over the last 30 years we have grown and strengthened our expertise in several key sectors. Take a look below to see how we deliver effective lighting component solutions for these industries.

Lighting OEM

A trusted partner to lighting OEM companies both in the UK and overseas.

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Appliance OEM

Providing services and products to some of the UK’s leading catering equipment and appliance manufacturers.

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Transport OEM

With an increasing presence and strong partnerships in the transport sector, our specialist team are here to help.

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Hygiene OEM

The reliability and outstanding functionality of our product range makes us a trusted partner in the Hygiene sector.

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Building management

Stay in control of your building management with our specialist control, wiring, and emergency-compliant solutions.

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Solution providers

When bespoke is best, we provide specialist consultation to find lighting component solutions that meet your requirements.

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